Expert Support Service of ASC relaunched

Project PROSTO "Support to Services Accessibility in Ukraine" has relaunched the Expert Support Service of ASC to consult local self-governments on the provision of public services under martial law.

Currently, the Service involves all project experts and is reinforced by experts of the "Law in a Wartime" Initiative.

The support focuses on the work with internally displaced persons (IDPs): registration, financial aid, and other related services.

Overall, experts provide consultations on the following issues:

  • how to transform an ASC into a humanitarian hub;
  • how to involve ASC staff in humanitarian support;
  • registration of IDPs in hromadas;
  • services that ASC can provide under martial law;
  • cooperation with other agencies that provide administrative services (State Migration Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Pension Fund of Ukraine, etc.);
  • other issues related to the provision of administrative services in hromadas.

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