Request for proposals: Expert on Starosta and Public Service Provision in remote settlements of Ukraine

SKL International is looking for an Expert on Strostas and public Service Provision in remote settlement of Ukraine. The Expert on Strostas and public Service Provision should be experienced in the topic of public service provision at local level and especially in remote settlement of Ukraine. The candidate should be highly professional and able to work efficiently with coordinating work with selected hromadas, conducting training sessions and consultations for starostas and political leadership in order to improve service provision in most remote settlements of Ukraine.  

The position shall be consultancies contracts for around 12 months. 

Organisational set up

The project team include around 14 full-time consultants in Ukraine and a management unit in Sweden. The Starosta  expert will work closely with the Help-Desk unit, training unit and other team members in Ukraine and report to the management in Kyiv as well as in Stockholm.

The role

The Expert on Satrostas and public Service Provision in remote settlement of Ukraine is expected to:

  • Prepare the concept for the Help-Desk function for starostas available on the Project’s web page
  • Identify and disseminate best practices in public service provision at Starosta districts across Ukraine
  • Lead work on developing a manual for starostas on effective public service provision
  • Oversee and conduct training activities to starostas and political leadership of hromadas to strengthen their capacity to deliver public services in remote areas of Ukraine
  • Oversee and coordinate work with starostas in 30 selected hromadas across Ukraine. Work closely with the political leadership of these hromadas in order to increase quality of public service provision in remote settlements of Ukraine.
  • Work with other experts to update, develop and pilot various methodological materials in public service provision in remote settlements
  • Contribute to the annual and final reports.

Evaluation of responce & selection

Interested applicants should send their proposal, comprising the following documents, to SALAR International no later than August 18, 2022:

  1. A short explanation of the applicant’s suitability for the assignment (maximum one A4-page)
  2. Up-to-date CV indicating relevant experience and qualifications. 

 The Citizen Engagement Specialist will be selected based on their professional experience and competences matching the requirements described above.

This Request for Position is issued on July 27, 2022. Proposals and questions should be sent latest August 18, 2022 by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Mark your email with Expert on Starostas in the subject. 

For more information, please download the Terms of Reference

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