PROSTO provides psychological support for ASC staff

Administrative Service Centers (ASCs) are on the frontline to provide services to people in need. provide services only when they are staffed with people. Today, ASC employees work in crisis situation and face an enormous workload. There is a risk for burnout and the need for additional support has been identified,. Therefore, Project PROSTO "Support to Services Accessibility in Ukraine" is piloting a program for crisis psychological support for ASC staff and other officials of local self-government bodies that provide administrative services.

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An open call was announced for closed groups, where participants can:

  1. get advice from professional crisis psychologists on crisis communication techniques with clients;
  2. get acquainted with self-healing techniques;
  3. exchange crisis practices with colleagues.

Currently, the project does not provide individual psychological consultations, and the offered group activities are part of emergency support. The meetings are not training programs but allow the participant  to join a group of like-minded people who cope with the same challenges. At the same time, meetings will help the participant to identify personal  needs and continued work on their own.

Participants will be able to attend three group meetings, which take place once a week. The group consists of 8-12 participants.

Before the beginning of the group work, each participant goes through an individual 15-minute conversation with a psychologist (group trainer) via selected means of communications.


Tetyana Ustinova is a practicing psychologist and methodologist at the Kyiv City Center for Social Services for Families, Children, and Youth. Works with internally displaced persons, combatants, and their families. She provides support to social work specialists in district centers of social services. Tetyana is a psychologist of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Hotline (UN Migration Agency).

Olena Trehubenko is a military psychologist and mentor of the Veterans Reintegration Project under the United Nations Reconstruction and Development Program. She provides psychological assistance to veterans and their families, internally displaced persons, and people affected by hostilities. Olena specializes in psychological support for hromadas that provide social services to veterans.

Technical aspects:

  • group work takes place online in Zoom;
  • participants should keep their cameras and microphones turned on;
  • video and screenshots during the meeting are prohibited; in case of violation, participants are removed from the meeting.

IMPORTANT! During meetings, participants should be in a quiet place not to be distracted.