PROSTO provides crisis support to 13 ASCs in de-occupied hromadas

At the request of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Project PROSTO allocated 780,000 UAH as crisis support for Administrative Service Centers (ASCs) in 13 hromadas in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, and Sumy regions.

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ASCs in hromadas, that were heavily shelled and survived the occupation, had been destroyed or severely damaged. In many Centers, equipment had been destroyed or disabled, making it impossible to provide services. To promptly resolve the problem, the Project decided to purchase equipment to ensure at least minimum access to services for residents.

In coordination with the Ministry of Digital Transformation, hromadas from liberated regions were compiled in a list according to the following criteria: confirmed damage or disappearance of equipment in ASCs or Remote Working Points due to the russian invasion.

"Our team’s experts contacted hromadas on the list provided by the Ministry of Digital Transformation to clarify the situation in more detail and jointly with the local self-governments formed the basic necessity sets of equipment for the ASC in each community. We will continue supporting local self-governments and strengthening their institutions", – said Aliaksandr Mazurkin, Manager of PROSTO Project.

The equipment includes computers with installed office software, monitors, multifunctional devices, a camera for the passport station, etc. The Project also supports the repair of the e-queue management system in Hostomel ASC that was damaged by the russian occupiers.

“One of the priorities of the Ministry of Digital Transformation now is to ensure continuous provision of state services in the country and to resume the work of ASCs in the de-occupied territories. After all, today the ASCs not only help people apply for state support or provide necessary administrative services but also organize humanitarian headquarters and help displaced persons", – stated Olesya Tsybulko, the Director of the Directorate for System Development of Administrative Services of the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

During the full-scale military aggression, ASCs acquired many functions not typical in peacetime and became centers of coordination and support in hromadas.

Project PROSTO "Support to Services Accessibility in Ukraine" is a Swedish-Ukrainian initiative that works in partnership with the Ministry of Digital Information of Ukraine and the Ministry of Communities and Territories Development to support local self-governments in delivering accessible and qualitative services in hromadas.