With the support of the donor community, the Mobile ASC of the Slavuta hromada will operate in the Borodianka hromada


On June 22, 2022, the Mobile Administrative Service Centre (ASC) of the Slavuta hromada in the Khmelnytsky region began operating in the Borodianka hromada in the Kyiv region. The amalgamated hromada of Borodianka includes 31 settlements 5 to 19 kilometres from the centre. The idea to ​​involve the Mobile ASC in liberated hromadas came from the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

Olesia Tsybulko, Director of the Directorate for System Development of Administrative Services of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine: “In times when almost all budget resources are spent on the country’s defence, we had to find a way to help affected hromadas, do it as soon as possible and make it clear to people that the state stands together with them, cares and helps. Moreover, it is strengthening the cooperation between hromadas, they helping each other and they are gaining new experiences” she added.

At the request of the Ministry, the Swedish-Ukrainian project PROSTO “Support to Services Accessibility in Ukraine”, has initiated an analysis of existing opportunities and the feasibility of involving mobile ASCs in liberated hromadas.


Vasyl Sydor, the head of the Slavuta hromada, immediately agreed to the project initiative: “Of course, we accepted the initiative from the PROSTO project, because helping other hromadas is an absolute priority at the moment. We hope that the Mobile ASC will help to provide required services to as many residents of the Borodianka hromada as possible,” he said.

Through the Programme “Enhancing decentralisation and public administration reform in Ukraine”, the Council of Europe responded to a request from the Borodianka Settlement Council and got involved in equipping the Mobile ASC since the vehicle was transferred under a simplified procedure, without the equipment required to provide services.


A team of PROSTO administrative services experts, together with Vira Kozina, a lawyer and a consultant of the Council of Europe who joined the initiative as a volunteer, worked out a package of documents for the proper transfer of property from one hromada to another. The routes, schedules and rules for using the Mobile ASC were also developed together with the hromada residents.



In the times of restoring and rebuilding our hromada, the factor of availability of administrative services to the residents is of paramount importance, and the only office in Borodianka is not a sufficient solution. We are glad that our partners have joined us in resolving this issue systematically and comprehensively. I would also like to thank the Slavuta hromada for their willingness to help and share experiences,” said the acting head of the Borodianka Settlement Council, Heorhii Yerko.


Background information 

The Programme “Enhancing decentralisation and public administration reform in Ukraine”” is implemented within the framework of the Council of Europe Action Plan for Ukraine for strengthening local democracy, good democratic governance and public administration.

The Mobile ASC of the Slavuta hromada in the Khmelnytsky Region was the first mobile ASC in Ukraine. This project was implemented in 2017 by the international program “U-LEAD with Europe” Phase 1, funded by the European Union and its member states: Germany, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Estonia and Slovenia.