Analysis of the situation for the Ukrainian Administrative service Centres in wartime March – April 2022


During March and April 2022, the PROSTO project has conducted a monitoring to understand the preconditions for ASCs to provide administrative service to the residents in Ukraine. The monitoring included 140 hromadas in 24 of Ukraine’s oblasts and focuses primarily on the ASCs’ conditions to provide services in general and to IDPs in particular. It also includes monitoring of the humanitarian situation in hromadas. The results and analysis of this monitoring will be shared at the online conference “The state of local self-governance in Ukraine after more than two months of war”, which take place on May 10, 2022.

You can find the report and its annexes on our site: The Analysis of the situation for the Ukrainian Administrative service Centres (ASCs) in wartime March – April 2022 

Annex 1: Monitoring questions
Annex 2: List of monitored hromadas 
Annex 3: List of maps
Annex 4: Maps
Annex 5: Suggested changes to indicators for future monitoring

 Annex 4. Maps with monitoring results 1 1

one of 10 monitoring maps 140 hromadas